The Fellowship of Love Church is a church that is welcoming and open to all of God’s children who would join us on the journey of living in love. We believe that love is the very essence of God (I John 4:8), the highest priority of Jesus’ life and ministry (Matthew 22:37-39), and the central virtue of life (I Corinthians 13:13). It is our desire to use Christian spirituality to provide holistic ministries to the spirits, minds and bodies of people. We believe that living in love makes lives deeper and more meaningful and it makes our world better and more liveable. So we invite you to join us as we receive and respond to God’s love by loving God, others and ourselves.

Becoming a Member

We are always thrilled about prospective interest in becoming a member at Fellowship of Love Church. Membership is a three step process that includes:

  • Let us know of your interest in becoming a member.
  • Complete our Falling in Love New Members Class.
  • Receive your Fellowship of Love Service Towel.

Though we take membership extremely seriously, we want to make the process to initiate membership as convenient as possible. For this reason we offer multiple methods of membership initiation.

Walking Down the Aisle

During our worship we provide the “Moment of Decision” after each message to give you the opportunity to rededicate your life, request prayer, or initiate the process of becoming a member at Fellowship of Love Church. This is the most traditional means of beginning the membership process and it simply involves walking down the aisle and bearing witness publically of your intent to unite with our church family.

Just Sign Up

Since everyone is not comfortable with the public act of walking down the aisle, we simply invite you to ask an usher for a membership application and fill it out to completion. Once you have done this you can give your application to an usher or place it in a bucket during the “Worship through Giving.”

As an added convenience we offer you the opportunity to initiate the membership process via our website. Please e-mail us at and please include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.