The name of this organization shall be Fellowship of Love Church (FOLC)

The Fellowship of Love Church receives and responds to God’s love by loving God, others, and ourselves. We reflect the life of Jesus by sharing the love of God, empowering people, and serving our church and community as we lift honor and praise God.

The Objectives of the Fellowship of Love Church are:
A. Discipleship – reflect the life of Christ
B. Fellowship – sharing the love of God
C. Empowerment – empowering people
D. Service and Ministry – serving our church and community
E. Worship – Lift honoring and praising God

Fellowship of Love Church is a Christian body that is created by God, fashioned by Jesus Christ, and guided by the Spirit to live in love. Love is the very essence of God (I John 4:8), the highest priority of Jesus’ life and ministry (Matthew 22:37-39), and the central virtue of life (I Corinthians 13:13).

By living in love we will grow closer to God and each other.
We believe that love is an action word that manifests itself through integrity, loyalty, honor, forgiveness, compassion, and respect. It is the heart of our core and the value that undergirds all that we are and all that we do. We love God, others, and ourselves. As a church and as church leaders and church members, we perpetually strive to will the good for others unconditionally and indiscriminately, remain open to self-sacrifice, and love ourselves soberly.

Jesus’ example, teachings, and ministries provide the map that guides us in our efforts to grow and live a spiritually whole life.
We believe the Spirit is the home of our relationship with God, and our minds and bodies are the home of the spirit. Spirituality is the act of nurturing, nourishing, and developing these homes and their residents.

We want to grow spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.
We believe that growth is a sign of life. We want to grow every guest, worshipper, member, and leader who comes into contact with our church.

God has been too good and done too much for us not to offer our very best in service.
We believe that we should seek excellence in all of our endeavors for the Lord. Excellence is reached through diligent preparation and critical evaluation of all that we do. Additionally, our allegiance to excellence means we embrace professional and spiritual education, enlightenment, and development.

We embrace innovation, imagination, and experimentation in our messages, music, and our ministries.
We believe God provides each of us with our own unique gifts that enable us to offer a fresh contribution to the world.

It is our sincere ambition to inspire, exhort, challenge, comfort, critique, and change people for the better.
We believe that we are created to affect and have an effect on individuals, the community, and the world.

The Fellowship of Love Church is a Non-Denominational Church that is vested in its members. The membership retains the right of exclusive self government without outside interference from or control by other church group’s governmental bodies.

Requirements for perspective members of the Fellowship of Love Church are:
1. Profession of faith and baptism
2. Complete a new member’s falling in love with Jesus class
3. Signed Statement of Acknowledgement and Commitment
Perspective members can join the FOLC by:
1. Walking and extending their hand to God during the Moment of Decision
2. Completing a membership card and submitting to the church office
3. Submitting an application via the web site
Inactivation of membership in the FOLC shall be initiated when a member:

Request a letter of transfer to another church

Is dropped from the roles due to lack of participation through extended continuous absences for reasons aside from illness or other excused circumstances after a twelve month period.

3. Gives verbal or written notification

4. Death

Board of Directors Ministry

The Board of Directors shall be a highly motivated, trained, diverse, intergenerational group of people that will work collaboratively with the Pastor to establish policy and approve the budget for FOLC and perform other duties as required.
The board shall consist of no more than nine (9) members who will serve a term of two years. Members can succeed themselves in office for one additional term and shall be eligible for reelection only after the expiration of a two year interim period. Founding board members will have a continuous position on the board.
The Board will meet semi-annually (twice per year) to conduct routine business. Special board meetings may be called at the discretion of the Pastor or majority of the board.


1. The staff of this church shall be the Pastor, Children and Youth
Minister, Minister of Music, Worship Leader, Church Administrator,
Business Manager/Treasurer and any other hired staff.
2. Staff will be chosen by listening to the Spirit of God and according to
their expertise, experience, and compatibility with the mission, vision,
and values of our church.
a. The duties of staff will include but not be limited to:
Assisting the pastor in the creation and maintenance of the mission core values, vision and ministries of the church.
Making provision for Sunday worship and midweek services, in the absence of the pastor.
(3) Holding regular meetings and reporting to the church, in writing at each annual business meeting.

The Deacon’s Ministry
1. The purpose of the deacon’s ministry shall be to share with the Pastor in the spiritual oversight of the church. Their duties and responsibilities shall include:
a. Interviewing and recommending candidates for baptism and church membership.
b. Assisting in the ordinances of believer’s baptism and the Lord’s Supper.
c. Welcoming strangers and visitors of the church.
d. Co-operating and coordinating with the pastor in the exercise of watch-care over the church membership by visiting the sick, needy, grieving, and absentees.
e. Members shall become a part of the Deacon’s Ministry by:
(1) Recommendation from the Deacon’s Ministry
(2) Approval of the candidate by the Pastor
(3) Presentation of the candidates to the congregation
(4) Period of Observation and Training
(5) Ordination

The Trustee Ministry

1. Trustees shall be elected to serve for a term of two (2) years, and shall be eligible for reelection for a second period of two (2) years. At the expiration of four (4) years they shall not be eligible for reelection until one (1) year has elapsed. Certain exceptions may apply.

2. This ministry shall hold in trust all property belonging to the church and shall take all necessary measures for its protection, maintenance and upkeep, and shall be required to make an inspection at least twice yearly.

3. This ministry shall prepare and submit in time to be included in the annual budget, an itemized statement of the estimated expenses necessary for the upkeep of the church property during the ensuing year.
4. Trustee Duties & Responsibility:
a. Be responsible to maintain financial records and ensure all financial transactions are recorded and have signing authority in the event of the business manager’s absence
b. To report its activities to the church at all annual business meetings
c. Ensure all church properties are adequately and fully covered at all times with the proper insurance

The pastor:
1. The pastor shall have oversight of all matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the church. The pastor shall be a voting member of all boards and ministries. He may however, absent himself from any meeting.
2. The pastor shall serve until the relationship is terminated by either his request or that of the church by giving at least two months (60 days) notice if both parties agree.
3. A call to a prospective pastor shall be voted on at a church meeting called for that purpose only and a notice from the pulpit shall have been given two (2) consecutive Sundays. At least seventy five percent (75%) of those present shall vote in favor of the call before it can become effective.
4. The pastor shall be accountable to the Board of Directors.
4. Responsibilities:
a. The pastor’s primary focus shall be preaching, teaching, counseling, planning and guiding the church to grow and fulfill its purposes.
b. He shall lead the church and all its leaders in performing their tasks in worship, proclamation, education and evangelism.
c. He must prepare a contingency plan to ensure church services will continue in his absence
d. The pastor shall ensure that all members and particularly those in need of spiritual uplift are cared for.

A. The annual church business meeting shall be held on any date in January as determined by the pastor and board of directors.
B. Special business meetings may be called at any time upon recommendation of the board of directors. The motive and purpose of such meetings shall be in writing complete with signatures and shall be read from the pulpit two (2) previous consecutive Sundays.
C. Notice of all business meetings and the annual business meeting shall be announced two (2) Sundays in advance from the pulpit and placed in the church bulletin.
E. If necessary, Robert Rules of Order shall be the standard of how meetings are conducted.

The fiscal year of the FOLC shall begin the first day of January and close the last day of December.

A. All officers and staff team members of the church who hold any church property shall, at the close of their term of office, hand the property over to their successor. This includes all books, records, funds, or other church items in their possession.
B. All outside organizations or groups wishing to use the facilities of the church shall be required to obtain permission from the Trustee ministry.
C. A copy of these bylaws shall be given, upon request, by the pastor and/or a deacon to each person who unites with the church and completes the membership process.
D. This constitution may be amended at any board meeting by a majority vote of two thirds of those present. The board will provide two (2) weeks notice of such proposed amendment from the pulpit and printed in the church bulletin.
E. Irrespective of any amendment to this constitution, it shall not effect the existing term of office of any officer, team member, or board member in office at the time of the amendment.
F. This constitution and by-laws shall be effective, as soon as possible after adoption by the church.