HUGS (Hosts, Ushers, and Greeters) Ministry

Contact Person: Kendra Shipmon
Our ministry demonstrates the Love of Jesus with a kind word, a warm smile and a nod of encouragement to all we encounter. Our responsibility is to welcome, greet, seat, serve, and keep the facility safe and secure during the worship experience. As the first person a visitor encounters, we are to make them feel welcome, wanted, valued and special. We actively support the pastor and church through service and commitment. We love what we do!

Connections Ministry
Contact Person: TBD
The Connections Ministry is a ministry of connection. Our purpose is to connect those interested in becoming members of Fellowship of Love Church with its members, its ministries and to Christ.

Media Ministry
Contact person: Sister Gloria Martin
The Media Ministry was created to increase the impact technology and social media can have in our community. We endeavor in excellence and creativity to be a means of communication with our FOLC family and friends through newsletters and social networking, and to provide an increasing quality of visual and audio presentation during praise & worship experience as well as continually improve the methods by which we make praise & worship experience available to share and sell in the most technologically up to date manner.

Children’s Ministry
Contact Person: Candle Lockett
Our children’s ministry is uniquely designed for children infant aged to 5th grade. Our goal is to assist in laying the foundation for their walk with God. Encompassed in our children’s ministry is “Ahava Village” Children’s Church (Ahava means Love in Hebrew). In “Ahava Village” we explore God through creatively expressed worship, imaginative friendly scripture lessons, and innovatively artistic dramatic performances.

Youth Ministry
Contact Person: Minister Brandon Perkins
Our Youth Ministry is specifically created to meet the spiritual needs of youth 6th to 12th grade. We attempt to meet young people wherever they are in their walk with the Lord and support them on their individual journey. One component of our Youth Ministry is “Midweek Mix” where we gather for a thought provoking Bible study, soul filled worship, in depth conversation, lively game nights, or a “mix” of them all.

Trustee Ministry 
Contact Person: Reverend Dr. Constance Scott
The Trustee Ministry is a dedicated and committed group of members who shall hold in trust all property belonging to the church and shall take all necessary measures for its protection, maintenance/upkeep, and shall be required to make inspections of said property. Our ministry shall ensure that the annual budget will include an itemized statement of the estimated expenses for the upkeep of the church property.

Deacon Ministry
Contact Person: Deacon Earl Haynes
The Purpose of the Deacon Ministry shall be to share with the Pastor the oversight of the church. We are assigned to provide organizational service, and coordinate with the pastor in the exercise of watch care over the church membership.