OUR MISSION is to receive and respond to God’s love by loving God , others and ourselves. We reflect the life of Jesus by sharing the love of God, empowering people, and serving our church and community as we lift, honor, and praise God.

OUR VISION is to revolutionize the idea and the impact of church.

By living in love we will grow closer to God and each other.
We believe that love is an action word that manifests itself through integrity, loyalty, honor, forgiveness, compassion and respect. It is the heart of our core and the value that undergirds all that we are and all that we do. We love God, others, and ourselves. As a church and as church leaders and church members, we perpetually strive to will the good for others unconditionally and indiscriminately, remain open to self-sacrifice, and love ourselves soberly.

Jesus’ example, teachings, and ministries provide the map that guides us in our efforts to grow and live a spiritually whole life.
We believe the Spirit is the home of our relationship with God, and our minds and bodies are the home of the spirit. Spirituality is the act of nurturing, nourishing, and developing these homes and their residents.

We want to grow spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.
We believe that growth is a sign of life. We want to grow every guest, worshipper, member, and leader who comes into contact with our church.

God has been too good and done too much for us not to offer our very best in service.
We believe that we should seek excellence in all of our endeavors for the Lord. Excellence is reached through diligent preparation and critical evaluation of all that we do. Additionally, our allegiance to excellence means we embrace professional and spiritual education, enlightenment, and development.

We embrace innovation, imagination, and experimentation in our messages, music, and our ministries.
We believe God provides each of us with our own unique gifts that enable us to offer a fresh contribution to the world.

It is our sincere ambition to inspire, exhort, challenge, comfort, critique and change people for the better.
We believe that we are created to affect and have an effect on individuals, the community, and the world.